2019 Dates

WEEK A: June 16-23 | Arick Gevorkian | Arek Santikian | Serop Chalian | Arpa Hatzbanian

WEEK B: June 23-27 Sunday-Thursday (7-12 YO) | Mico Melkonian | Siamanto Maronian | Lori Tashdjian

WEEK C: July 10-14 Wednesday-Sunday (7-12 YO) | Caspar Jivalagian | Hrag Melkonian | Lynnette Hartenian | Taleen Markarian

WEEK D: July 14-21 | Aram Kaloustian | Dikran Melkonian | Ray Abramian

WEEK E: July 21-28 | Sevag Tankian | Shant Hairapetian | Carnie Armenian

WEEK F: July 28-August 4 | Aram Andonian | Shahan Kaprielian | Sylva Khayalian | Berj Parseghian

WEEK G: August 4-11 | Aram Madenlian | Garo Madenlian | Sako Aslanian | Vaughn Gaboudian

WEEK H: August 11-18 | Hrag Gaboudian | Anya Agopian | Raffi Badalian | Shant Kahouaty


WEEK A: $500 | Snack Shop: $25 | Bus: $40

WEEK B: $350 | Snack Shop: $15 | Bus: $40

WEEK C: $350 | Snack Shop: $15 | Bus: $40

WEEK D: $500 | Snack Shop: $25 | Bus: $40

WEEK E: $500 | Snack Shop: $25 | Bus: $40

WEEK F: $500 | Snack Shop: $25 | Bus: $40

WEEK G: $500 | Snack Shop: $25 | Bus: $40

WEEK H: $500 | Snack Shop: $25 | Bus: $40



AYF Camp offers financial assistance to those who qualify. In order to apply for financial assistance please download the form below, fill it out and submit it along with the required attachments via email to info@ayfcamp.org by March 8, 2019.

Click HERE to download the 2019 Financial Assistance Application


While it is our sincere desire to accommodate all campers, we are limited by the number of beds in each cabin. We do offer a waiting list to fill spots when vacancies occur, and applications are processed in the order they are received. While we cannot guarantee a spot for anyone who signs up for the waitlist, we know that at least some spots open up each week and more campers will be able to attend. The following is our waitlist policy:


- Spots on the Wait List are non-transferable. The wait list is conducted on a first come first serve basis. No exceptions. (This means you cannot cancel your registration and choose to replace the spot with a sibling, friend. etc. OR switch spots between weeks between siblings, friends, etc.)

- If a week is full and you register your camper for a Wait List, you will receive an e-mail confirmation notifying you that your camper is on the Wait List.

- If a spot becomes available, we will contact you by phone and/or e-mail. You will have 24 hours to respond. After that, we will contact the next person on the list. Should you decline your offer it must be in writing via email and you will forfeit your spot permanently.

- The Wait List application does not include a payment page. Should the camper move up from the Wait List, you will receive a phone call confirmation and a manual payment will be taken over the phone, or you will have 24 hours to login and make your payment online.

- No one may replace another’s spot on the wait list.


All cancellations made from March 13, 2019 - April 26, 2019 will result in a $50 non-refundable cancellation fee. A non-refundable deposit of $50 per session is part of the registration fee. The $50 per session deposit will not be refunded for any reason. Should you cancel a registration, you may receive a partial refund, however, the $50 deposit will not be returned for any reason. All cancellations made between April 27, 2019 and two weeks prior to the start date of the camp session your child is registered for will result in a $200 non-refundable cancellation fee per session. All cancellations made within two weeks prior to the start date of the camp session will not be eligible for a refund. Homesickness does not qualify for a refund nor will we refund if a child is sent home due to behavior problems. Early departure and early pickup from the AYF Camp will not be refunded. Refunds will not be issued should a camp session be canceled or cut short due to a natural disaster.


March 13, 2019- April 26, 2019 - $50 Non-Refundable

April 27, 2019 – Two weeks prior to start date of registered week - $200 Non-Refundable

All Cancellations made within two weeks prior to start date of registered week - $0 Refund

Use this guide to determine your cancellation non-refundable fee

Use this guide to determine your cancellation non-refundable fee

POLICIES & WAIVERS Below are links to the waivers you will be agreeing to and signing during registration. Please read these agreements and waivers prior to registration so that you are fully aware of all our policies.

Participation Agreement 

Photo/Video Release Waiver 

Arbitration Agreement 

Active Network Agreement